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Digital Strategy, looking ahead

Digital Strategy is about looking ahead. Getting to know the customer and then bringing people, technology and business goals in alignment. To create optimal results for now and in the future. 

Why Digital Strategy at OrangeValley?

  • Data driven Digital Strategy
  • Independent advice
  • Growth in digital maturity
  • Customer centric pur-sang
  • Synergy of people, proces en technology

Digital Strategy

The basis for a successful Digital Strategy lies in getting to know the client. We get to know the client by listening with intent and using all relevant data to support the findings. From there we will translate the business and marketing objectives into a longer-term online marketing plan including phasing and activities. Next we will find which data is essential to optimize the online marketing activities. With this data we get a firm grip on the KPI´s that we use to manage the results now and in the future. Because we use data in combination with our structured approach, we will define a suitable and optimal strategy for you, regardless size, market or maturity level.

What can you do to have your Digital Strategy successful?

  1. Set measurable goals and substantiate them with data
  2. Data driven customer centric thinking
  3. Mapping of the Customer Journey
  4. Make the data driven digital strategy operational
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Datadriven and specific targets

Proven success is achieved by (continuing to) align with the ambitions of the organization. When placing your marketing, sales or service department in the broader perspective of the organization. What are the mission and vision? And what specific objectives are there?

An advice we often give, is to talk to the management when the goals have been defined. Only when the main and sub-goals are crystal clear can you start working towards success. Don’t forget to check regularly whether the goals have changed in the meantime to stay on top of the business.

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Customer Centric thinking

Marketing is also perceived as producing, transporting and delivering value to your customers. To maximize the value for your customer, up-to-date and in-depth customer knowledge is the source of success. By continuously and structurally recording customer needs and behaviour, you will enrich your insights. When you convert these increasingly broad customer insights into actions for the benefit of the target group, your target group will experience an increase in value.

At OrangeValley we use data driven personas for clear and in-depth customer insights.

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Mapping of the digital journey

A customer-appreciated journey is the result of ¨Customer Journey Orchestration¨. Channels and touchpoints should be in optimal harmony with each other. Here too, a listening ear for the customer is essential. By transcending the channel insights into silo structure, you can work towards a fully optimized customer journey. Linking data in, for example, Google sheets or a data warehouse such as BigQuery, gives you the opportunity to do this. This is daily fare for our Data experts, they can support you with this.

The Data Driven Strategy operational

In addition to a goal, target group and customer journey, the digital strategy consists of a description of ‘what’ is needed to achieve the goal. The ‘what’ always consists of three pillars:

  • Technology
  • Processes
  • People

The execution of the strategy, and with it whether or not the goals will be achieved, stands or falls with the synergy between these three pillars. By aligning these pillars with the maturity of your organization, you significantly increase your chances of achieving your objective.

Operational strategy

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