“A better message leads to more succesful visitors.”

Conversion Optimization is an effective aid to improve communication with your target audience. The right message will convince your visitor to complete the right action (i.e. purchase a product). Just by i.e. changing the text, shape or colour of your call-to-actions you can bring about a higher conversion rate.

The right communication will lead to high performance. Questions that arise in crafting that message are as follows: Which message works best? Where should call-to-actions be placed? Which text should be put on buttons and what is the influence of an image on a webpage?

Best Practices will directly be implemented. More complex improvements will first be tested with a share of your visitors to ascertain effectiveness. Several variations of the improvement, including the default state, will be included within one test. Accordingly, your turnover can improve but never decrease.

Our approach consists of the following phases:

Conversion Optimization analysis

We will analyse the current communication implemented on the website. For this purpose we use a web analysis report. During the analysis we’ll look for the most significant reasons why users leave your website.

Formulating hypotheses

We define improvement opportunities and craft hypotheses. In Conversion Optimization we take user behaviour into account. Besides our best practises, we’ll utilise our knowledge of usability, webdesign and psychological models in selecting the most suitable improvements.

Test implementation

Both the original page and the variations will be shown to visitor segments without them being aware of he test. Based on the report generated by our Conversion Optimization tools, we’ll determine which variation performs best in which context.

Conversion Optimization reports

The test results will be analysed thoroughly, during which we’ll determine which variations yield the highest conversion rate and turnover. Potential follow-up tests will be included in the testing roadmap, allowing for further optimization. The end product is a (management) report by means of which meaningful decisions can be made about improving communication

Orangevally has been accredited by, amongst others, Google, Visual Website Optimizer, Mouseflow and SiteSpect for her strategy in Conversion Optimization. Aided by our Online Maturity Model and the training we offer, we accomplish leading results in performance and conversion rate for your organization. Orangevalley is featured anually in Emerce’s Top 5 of leading Site Statistics & Optimization firms within the Netherlands.