You want to start advertising online, but don’t yet know the required knowledge or expertise? Google Adwords is the channel to direct the right visitors to your website. Knowing how this tool works is, ofcourse critical.

By following 3 training courses (Basic, Advanced and Display) you will get to know all you can do with Google Adwords. With the knowledge you will gain, you can work towards high quality marketing campaigns which will improve your online performance.

Additionally, once you have completed the training courses and 2 hrs of self-study you can apply for the AdWords exams. Every part (Basic, Search Advanced and Display Advanced) has its own exam. If you complete the exams succesfully, you’ll receive a Google certification.

Google AdWords Display Training

Next to advertising on Google’s search network, you can use Google’s Display Network. On Google’s Display Network you can advertise on third-party websites using both images, text, video and rich media ads.

During the Google AdWrods Displau Advanced training, you will get to grips with the possibilities offered by the Google Display Network. Additionally, we will go into detail about the option to advertise via YouTube.

The following subjects feature in the training:

  • The Google Display Network
  • Determining a strategy (Awareness of Direct Response)
  • Planning Campaigns
  • Ad formats
  • Targeting (approching the right customer)
  • Remarketing
  • Measuring and optimizing performance
  • Advertising on YouTube
  • Advertising on mobile devices

Duration and Costs

The Display Advanced training will take one business day. During this day, all subjects listed above will be discussed. Additionally there will be an opportunity for asking questions.

You can attend the training in the following ways:

Public: € 395 p.p.
Private: € 750,- p.p.
On location: € 1.200,- per session


Danny Goudriaan
Raoul Lemoine


Dates for public training courses can be found in the training calendar.

Private training can be agreed upon.

More information?

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