Clear goals defined around long-term performance and short-term succes form the starting point of our Online Maturity Model. The synergy between the various marketing activities ensures the continuous realization of ambitions.


Level 1, presence

“Visibility within the target market”

Focus areas:

  • Clarify online marketing responsibilities
  • Defining the target group and low competition keywords
  • Realization of a website suitable for online marketing
  • (One-off) optimization of ad hoc marketing activities
  • Defenition of easily measurable targets (number of visitors)


Level 2, results

“Directly measurable targets”

Focus areas:

  • Assigning responsibilities to sales en marketing
  • Broaden the reach on competition-sensitive keywords
  • Creating a website with a clear message
  • Creating online advertisements linked to specific keywords or a specific target group
  • Periodically optimizing marketing activities
  • A periodical report including result-oriented targets

“LevelOptimal communication

Level 3 Communication

“Responding to the behaviour of the target group”

Focus areas:

  • A message directed towards various phases within the purchasing process and (sub) target groups
  • Increase the amount of leading positions on competition-sensitive keywords and video
  • Online advertising directed towards various phases and (sub)targets within the online communication
  • Optimize continuous marketing activities
  • A periodical report and dashboard including (sub)targets and micro-conversions

“LevelLifetime value

Level 4 Customer value

“Retention, association and loyalty”

Focus areas:

  • A message oriented towards all customer-contact moments
  • Recognizing the needs of the target group and the right contact moments
  • Aligning both online and offline marketing and communication
  • Keeping target audience communication as relevant as possible
  • Realtime reports and dashboard including (sub)targets and micro-conversions