“Professionalize your online marketing team with up-to-date training”

The importance of online marketing training increases daily. Innovation in the field of online marketing requires continuous adjustment of the existing online marketing activities. Our strategy will have more effect when more people understand and can manage it.

Our training- and coaching programs, developed by our experienced consultants, are easily accessible and, because of their modular design, adjustable to your personal education needs.

All aspects of improving online performance will be taught during our training courses.

The standard course offer consists of the following modules, each comprising two sessions:

Coaching & Training

We offer public and private coaching. You can register for both standard as in-house training courses, the latter is offered for both teams and departments. On-the-job training and guidance are implemented to encourage hands-on experience with the education material. We will set up a curriculum and learning goals for this purpose.

Training Calendar Online Marketing training courses

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Online Marketing Training and OrangeValley

Orangevalley has been accredited by Google, Microsoft, Sitespect and Visual Website Optimizer for our Online Marketing strategy. We are featured yearly in Emerce’s top 5 of leading Site Statistics and Optimization firms within the Netherlands.

We provide training courses in Online Marketing for various prominent clients. Because of their modular design, our training courses can be easily adjusted to an organizations individual needs.