“Insights within the behaviour and origin of visitors facilitate detailed adjustment of the online strategy in order to improve performance”

Web Analytics is an essential component of the online strategy. It provides insights in the origin or visitors and their behaviour on a website. Web analysis is therefore a very important aid for adjusting online marketing activities.

We will analyse which traffic sources yield relevant visitors, identify the interests of these visitors and identify what makes them leave your website. These insights are used to improve online performance.

Our Web Analytics strategy consists of the following phases:

Defining goals & KPI’s

We will translate your online strategy into measurable goals. On the basis of these goals and KPI’s reports will be created which will provide insight into, amongst others, financial goals, customer values and points of sale. Aided by these reports we will determine how the effectiveness of your marketing exertions can be measured and improved.

Creating a measurement plan

In order to be able to assess all visitor behaviour, we’ll set up your analytics environment. The origin of visitors, when they leave your website and the behaviour of various target groups on your website will be quantified.

Web analytics report & advice

We’ll create periodical reports which include advice on where to improve. Improvements can relate to your communication with visitors and your online marketing efforts.

Web Analytics at Orangevalley

Orangevalley has been accredited by Google, Adobe and Comscore as Certified Partner. Our consultants are continuously trained on new updates and opportunities in the field of Conversion Optimization. Training courses take place, amongst others, on the Google HQ in Mountainview.

Aided by our Online Maturity Model and the training we offer, we accomplish leading results in performance and conversion rate for your organization. Orangevalley is featured yearly in Emerce’s Top 5 of leading Site Statistics & Optimization firms within the Netherlands.

Discover the opportunities for optimization we can offer your website for yourself.