“Insight in the effectiveness of all online marketing activities and the adjustment of these activities to increase performance.”

Your online marketing goals will be translated into measurable performance indicators (KPI’s). The performance of various traffic sources and the message sent to the target group will be measured via several data sources. Insights on where performance can be improved will be provided through clear reports and dashboards.

Periodical online marketing reports

Data from various sources will be combined into a clear report on the predefined KPI’s. The report will include advice on performance improvement given by Orangevalley specialists.

Dynamic dashboard

Through the dynamic dashboard, online marketing activities will be continuously monitored. As soon as any indicators should give rise to it, a warning signal will be sent out and direct action will be taken. Our immediate intervention facilitates the enhancement of end-results.

Performance and Reporting

Based on our Online Maturity Model and the organizations ambition and maturity level, we can give advice on how to determine the right KPI’s and how to manage online marketing activities.