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Online Advertising

“Reaching your target group with the right message, at the right time and creating brand-awareness?”

In online advertising, contact with the target group will be actively pursued. A repetition of the right message stimulates brand-awareness and popularity. The effects of online advertising can be measured through web-analysis. This will allow for quick and targeted adjustments in campaigns.

Online advertising can be aimed at very specific goals. Additionally, several forms of advertising exist within the field, amongst which: Adwords, Youtube, Linkedin, Facebook, Display, Remarketing etc. By virtue of the many options available to you, you can reach your target group at the opportune moment and in the most effective way within the various stages of the buying process.

Our approach consists of the following phases:

Target group analysis

This analysis is aimed at recognising your visitors. What’s your target audience? what interests your target audience? where are they located online? Which buying motives guide your target group?

Campaigns and crafting the message

What message do you convey on your website and what page should online advertisements direct visitors to? In defining campaigns we will focus on the appropriate message, and the right timing.

Implementation & realisation

Campaigns, ad copy, banners and other advertising means are created. Per campaign media budgets are set. Reports will at all times show insights of all advertising campaigns and traffic sources (Adwords, LinkedIn, Facebook, Marktplaats, Displaynetworks, Mobile, Youtube etc.)

Online advertising management & reporting

On the basis of webanalysis and returns from the various campaigns, the campaigns will be optimized and media budgets will be adjusted.

Besides the already known advertising options within Google Adwords, the possibilities for approaching your target group are ample. Advertising on social media, like LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube and/or Marktplaats can also be a very effective way of reaching the target group with a favourable mediabudget.

Display and banner-campaigns

The target group is actively approached on websites they visit frequently. The message sent through the advertisement will subsequently be reinforced within the website itself.


Visitors who have been to the website before, have left the shopping cart or have purchased something previously will be actively targeted. Remarketing is often used to approach visitors who dropped out of the browsing or buying process again. Additionally, remarketing effectively aids the stimulation of active reference.

DataFeed Manager

DataFeed Manager is a management platform for optimizing data feeds. Data Feeds are used in various applications and on various websites (comparison sites, affiliates and google shopping). A datafeed provides an easy way to generate more traffic for your shop.

Performance in Online advertising

Based on our Online Maturity Model and the organizations ambitions, we can determine the appropriate online advertising campaigns for your company. The performance of the advertisements (affiliates, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.) will be measured continuously and, in consultation with the client, periodically or continously optimized.

Orangevalley is, amongst others, accredited by Google as an official Google Adwords Certified Partner.