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Online Maturity Model

Clear goals defined around long-term performance and short-term succes form the starting point of our Online Maturity Model. The synergy between the various marketing activities ensures the continuous realization of ambitions.

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[tab label = “Level 1″ subtitle=”Presence” image=””]

Level 1, presence

“Visibility within the target market”

Focus areas:

  • Clarify online marketing responsibilities
  • Defining the target group and low competition keywords
  • Realization of a website suitable for online marketing
  • (One-off) optimization of ad hoc marketing activities
  • Defenition of easily measurable targets (number of visitors)

[tab label = “Level 2″ subtitle=”Result-oriented” image=””]

Level 2, results

“Directly measurable targets”

Focus areas:

  • Assigning responsibilities to sales en marketing
  • Broaden the reach on competition-sensitive keywords
  • Creating a website with a clear message
  • Creating online advertisements linked to specific keywords or a specific target group
  • Periodically optimizing marketing activities
  • A periodical report including result-oriented targets

[tab label = “Level 3″ subtitle=”Optimal communication”  image=””]

Level 3 Communication

“Responding to the behaviour of the target group”

Focus areas:

  • A message directed towards various phases within the purchasing process and (sub) target groups
  • Increase the amount of leading positions on competition-sensitive keywords and video
  • Online advertising directed towards various phases and (sub)targets within the online communication
  • Optimize continuous marketing activities
  • A periodical report and dashboard including (sub)targets and micro-conversions


[tab label = “Level 4″ subtitle=”Lifetime value” image=””]

Level 4 Customer value

“Retention, association and loyalty”

Focus areas:

  • A message oriented towards all customer-contact moments
  • Recognizing the needs of the target group and the right contact moments
  • Aligning both online and offline marketing and communication
  • Keeping target audience communication as relevant as possible
  • Realtime reports and dashboard including (sub)targets and micro-conversions