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Online Strategy

“All digital marketing activities are aimed at realizing your business goals”

A good online strategy determines the right mix of digital marketing activities needed to achieve your business goals. Based on a clear business case, existing online marketing activities will be adjusted and new initiatives will be recommended.

Defining the business case

During the planning of the online strategy, the effectiveness will be calculated based on available market data. In conjunction with the client, we will subsequently define both feasible and challenging goals in relation to the organization.

Creating the online marketing strategy

Based on the organization’s goals and our Online Maturity Model we’ll establish the right mix of online marketing activities. We’ll determine through which (online) channels the target group will be reached and how we can seduce them.

Implementation Online Strategy

We will advise, guide and realize your online strategy in distinct phases. We will train your employees and monitor the activities of i.e. your web developer. The organization’s goals will be translated into clear KPI’s, made measurable by our web analysts. Consequently, we can monitor various online marketing activities on a daily basis, and adjust them if needed.

Monitoring and reporting

The performance of various online marketing activities will be measured and, by means of dedicated activities, further optimized. You will receive periodical reports of our progress.

Optimal deployment of the Online Strategy
The right mix of online marketing activities will be determined based on our Online Maturity Model and the ambitions & maturity level of the organization. The execution of the online strategy can be monitored once, periodically or continuously. Activities will also be adjusted if applicable.

Orangevalley has for many years been a leading player in the field of online marketing. The company has realized many a succesful online marketing strategy in a great number of branches. cases have been created of a couple of these successes. We love the continuous challenge of achieving groundbreaking results.

We are featured yearly in the top 5 of Emerce’s leading Site Statistics & Optimalization firms within the Netherlands.