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Integrated Search Strategies

We will work with you on an sustainable and integrated search strategy (SEO+SEA) for a substantially higher results in search

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Our Search team focuses on an optimal performance, with the right balance between organic and paid.


Our solutions:

Most organizations consider SEO and SEA as separate channels. By combining the strength of both channels and designing a multi-year strategy, you can achieve huge differences in results.

Combined Search Strategy – OrangeValley

The impact of an integrated search strategy

We achieve maximum results out of your marketing budget by analyzing in a data-oriented manner the click prices and search volumes per keyword and the organic competition to be found for a specific keyword.

Our data-driven approach ensures that we achieve maximum synergy and results from the overall search channel for our clients.

We will address the next questions, among others:

  • Which organic search query are most valuable to the customer?
  • What is the current organic position of these search queries?
  • Is there competition for paid search query?
  • How are my marketing channels performing?

These and other data-driven analyses are the basis of our integrated search strategy. In addition, it is important to continuously optimize until the ideal channel mix between SEO and SEA has been found. With the aim of achieving maximum return from the overall search channel.

Ideally, the organic channel will be further optimized based on the SEA data, segments and seasonality. This data will be leading to peak at the right moments within the search strategy. In addition, combining and integrating additional data is important in order to gain competitive advantage in the longer term.

Our client KPN has been nominated in 2020 for 5 European and Global search awards because of their combined search strategy.

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KPN and OrangeValley have been working together since 2014 on complex and innovative Search optimizations. With the help of their data-driven approach and technical SEO solutions, they have been contributing to an excellent performance of our organic positions for years.

Bryan Rijnders (Online Media Manager KPN)

A solid organic foundation with SEO

The bigger the share of organic visits on your website, the less dependent you are on paid media channels. What happens when the marketing budget is temporarily reduced or even stopped? Can you rely on sales from organic channels only?

If the share of organic visits increases, is less media budget to achieve your goals needed? Or do you reinvest this budget to grow even faster? This and other strategic questions are addressed when developing a combined search strategy.

In the eventful year 2020, it has become apparent that companies with a solid organic foundation were less dependent on paid media channels. By investing sustainably in organic channels, you can actually reduce dependence on paid media channels. We lay a solid foundation in the organic visitor share of the website. We also look at an optimal budget allocation between SEA and SEO. Nevertheless, maintaining SEO positions and staying ahead of the competition is always needed.

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Data driven SEO A/B testing

SEO was always a process, the results became clear after implementation of the adjustment. So questions like: “What will it bring us?”, “What is the effect of this (specific) optimization?”, “Is this uplift our work or is it perhaps due to a Google update?”, “What kind of increase in does this generate organic traffic to the website?” were answered only long after implementation.

With an SEO A/B test you can validate SEO optimizations (segmented) upfront, so that you can implement the proven best variant site-wide.

With SEO A/B testing, you can be confident that any changes that are made will yield positive results. This prevents your organization from wasting time, money and energy on changes that ultimately make no or only a limited positive contribution.

SEO A/B testing makes it possible to test the planned changes at a detailed level. We look for the best possible answer for both users and (search) engines.

To implement our SEO A/B tests, we cooperate with our partner Semrush.


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