In this webinar experts from OrangeValley and Looker will give you a 60 minute update in how to create a single source of truth, so that everyone within your organization has access to the same data and can really make data-driven decisions. Register here

The focus of this webinar

The data environment has changed. Businesses across the world are struggling to adapt, not only to rapid increase in the quantity of data, but in how to use it. An insightful dashboard is great, but insight without action has little value. To get value from your data, you need to place it into the hands of users when they need it, in a way that allows them to make decisions and take actions. In an environment where the data is safe, secure and governed.

Please join our webinar to discover how we’re able to unleash more powerful data experiences with our partner Looker.


What do you know after attending this webinar?

Find out why Google recently acquired Looker for USD 2.6 billion and discover the business value in having:

  • A single source of truth;
  • Empowered business users;
  • Insights to Action – data at the time and place you’re making a decision;
  • Analytics developed into your software, your way.

Meet the hosts

Host webinar - Harm Jansen Host webinar - Paul Goddard Host webinar - Sebastien
Harm Jansen
Manager OrangeValley Media & Technology
Paul Goddard
Looker Partner Development Manager
Sebastien Fabri
Alliances Sales Engineer at Looker

When does the webinar take place?

  • Date: Wednesday 20 May
  • Tijd: 11am – 12am
  • Language: English
  • Available virtual seats 3/12

Register here